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The Three Sweet Peas

October 31, 2011

{MeSSy HaiR MonDay} "Knot your typical crown"

Good Halloween Morning!  I am sure that all of your little spooks are EXCITED for the big day today.  Even some of us GROWN up spooks.  I've got one more brilliant knot hair to demonstrate after this one and then we will move on!  It has been fun, for sure!  Today, is the same knot that we have been doing but it wraps around the head similar to a crown. Perfect for everyday or even more formal occasions. 

Start by parting the hair to one side.  I always work from the right to left. Do whatever is comfortable to you.
Section off your first piece of hair.  
Knot it and clip it
Section off your second hair piece.  Knot it and move the first clip.  Keep the knots as close to the hairline as you can.  Repeat.  
The important thing with this hair style, make sure to comb and part each section.  When you get to the bottom of the ear, start parting the hair half way down the crown of the head and not at the top.  That way you will get the hair to wrap all the way around.  If you haven't seen my past tutorials with the basic knot, please check them out for the basic how to KNOT.  

Finish the last knot with a rubber band and add hair accesories.  These are the fall collection from Posies Accessories.  I layered and mixed and matched.  

Pick up your fall hair accessories from:

They have an amazing selection of accessories.  They are offering a free Orange bow with a purchase for the Fall Season.  

The Best part about Posies is all of their accessories are interchangeable.  Add additional bows and you get a multidimensional look.  Check out Peanut's bow change from basic black to purple layered, AMAZING!

**Do you have something you want me to
 feature or test?  Please contact me at;




Ruby Jean said...

Okay... I am going to have to try this one.... He He He.... But lets just see if I have the patience to go around the head like that... : ) As well as get my Knots as Tidy as yours.. : ) I am so thrilled that you came by and saw the post... It was a lot of fun to put together...Next...CROWNS : )
Have a Wonderful week!!!

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