The Three Sweet Peas
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The Three Sweet Peas

October 17, 2011

{MeSSy HaiR MonDay}

It is Monday and it is time to tame that hair. Aren't Mondays fabulous?  I think I feel sometimes the way Peanut's hair looks...  :)  This is what her hair looks like EVERY morning and sometimes even worse. It is a major undertaking to tame her hair. 

Today, we will be continuing our Knot series, two pigtails.  We will be building off what we have learned so far.  If you have any questions you can go back and review the basics from my previous posts here and here

 Today we will be doing two knot pig tails. 

Start by parting the hair off centered in the front and centered down the back.  Clip one side of the hair back, we will begin by knotting the side that is left down.  
Comb hair straight down and section off a small amount to knot.  
Knot the piece and clip it off with your small clip.

Comb down hair from original knot and section second piece off.  Tie the second section into a knot and clip off.  Repeat until the hair is all knotted.  HINT:  You will stop sectioning the hair from the crown of the head when you hit the back of your daughters ear.  When you get to that position start the hair sections half way down the head.  This will allow you to bring the hair all the way to the back of the head.  

Tie off with small rubber band and repeat on the second side of hair. 

You will get two knot braids that look like this.  

Add hair accessories and ADORABLE!!

Pick up your fall hair accessories from;

They have an amazing selection of accessories.  They are offering a free Orange bow like the one in Peanut's hair with a purchase for the Fall Season.  

The Best part about Posies is all of their accessories are interchangeable.  Add additional bows and you get a multidimensional look.  Check out Peanut's bow change from plain orange to plain orange with cork screws.  AMAZING!

**Do you have something you want me to
 feature or test?  Please contact me at;




Kierstin said...

Very cute! She looks darling!

Unknown said...

So fun! i love it, thanks for sharing.

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