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The Three Sweet Peas

October 24, 2011

{MeSSy HaiR MonDay}

Messy Hair Monday.  Isn't it Fabulicious?  I really love doing my peanut's hair and sharing all of the hairstyles that I have experimented with!  Today, I am excited to CONTINUE with our KNOT series.  See, I really wasn't kidding when I said the knot is "Knot" so basic.  
We will be doing a hair style that crosses like a headband but uses all of the hair from ear to ear.  Be patient as you are doing this one because parting the hair from front to back requires a little bit more patience, with combing and clipping.  Good Luck!

 Start by combing all of the hair completely back from the front of the face.
 Part the first section of hair and comb straight.  The part will be somewhat curved like a rainbow.  Comb and straighten.
 Tie your first knot and clip off.  If you haven't been following my Messy Hair Mondays check out the Basic Knot Hairstyle HERE for the tutorial.
First Section clipped with clip.
 Part the second section of hair.  This is where it is important to start parting and combing carefully.  You are bringing the hair from the front all the way to the back and it will get kind of messy.  Be patient and continue to comb. Knot the hair and move the clip.  Repeat until you have covered the entire head.  Peanut's hair had about 6 separate parts in it.
Second Part with clip holding first knot.

Third part with clip holding second knot.  

Continuing across the entire head.

 Tie your last knot, clip it off, and tie with a rubberband.  I completed the ends with a messy bun and the hairstyle was finished.  I added two adorable basic bows from Posies Accessories, turned different directions.

If anyone out there has tried one of these knot styles, SHOW IT OFF!  I would love to see it!

Pick up your fall hair accessories from:

They have an amazing selection of accessories.  They are offering a free Orange bow with a purchase for the Fall Season.  

The Best part about Posies is all of their accessories are interchangeable.  Add additional bows and you get a multidimensional look.  Check out Peanut's bows, one turned vertical while the other turned horizontal.  Quick and  AMAZING!


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Ruby Jean said...

Very Pretty...I will be putting my post up on the 31st...Hope you stop by and check it out...

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