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The Three Sweet Peas

November 28, 2011

{MeSSy HaiR MonDay} "Knot your typical crown headband"

Good Messy Hair Morning!  I hope that all of you had a wonderful holiday!  We had an amazing time visiting family and eating way to much delicious food.  Messy Hair Monday is the standard knot that I have shown you in past posts but wraps around her entire head.  This leaves many options open to pull the hair up into a messy bun, weave ribbon through it, or curl it into ringlets and let it hang down on top of the crown.  Either way your little princess will love this hair do.  
 Start by parting the hair all the way around the head.  It will be all of the bottom hair that we will be knotting. 

 Pull the rest of the hair up and out of the way. 
 Section off your first piece of hair off centered.  It does not matter which direction you work in.  Whatever, is comfortable for you.  
 Knot the hair, pin it off, and repeat the entire way around the head.  Remember if this is new, I have detailed instructions on knotting the hair in my previous posts.  

 Clip it off and either, leave the clip or put a pony.  Comb the middle hair into a messy bun and attach ribbon. Remember you can curl the middle hair as well.  I have done it both ways.  




Ruby Jean said...

So Cute Stacie... I still have yet to try the last one.. I think it was the Headband one... :) well I am off to email you... :)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful! But my daughter would never sit still or stay silent enough for me to finish. :-) Looks lovely though!

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