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The Three Sweet Peas

November 5, 2011

{Saturday Special} with Momma C Designs

Good Beautiful Saturday Morning.  Today is a great day!  I would love to introduce you a FABULOUS Sweet Blogger that designs her own clothing and patterns.  Yes, I said her own patterns.  She creates a lot of different sewing projects, re-purposes old shirts, pants into maternity clothing, and darling baby items.  I am impressed.  I am always IMPRESSED by people who sew.  I met Shanna in the blogging world when I ran into her bow holder.  DARLING.  Everyone has to have an adorable bow holder if they have little girls.

Meet Shanna!  
Shanna is a mommy to two little girls one who is still a BABY.  ...And, she still finds the time to be a wife, blog, sew, and create her own patterns.  That is talent!
Have you been to her blog?  She has a beautiful new knitting bag that I would love to just carry around.  Check out some of her adorable sewing projects.
1.  Do you remember when the creative bug gave you a big bite?
My childhood really set the foundation for my love of all things creative.  I watched my grandmother sew on a daily basis and my grandfather made furniture on the weekends.  They both strongly encouraged my creativity by allowing me to participate.  I have created art in numerous mediums over the years and it has all led me to designing clothing and sewing.
2.  How long have you been blogging and what drove you to it?
I'm actually very new to the blog world but writing has been in my blood for quite a while.  I've worked in marketing and television and although writing for those sectors was definitely enjoyable, it just didn't fill a need.  My husband encouraged me to write a blog about becoming a new mother, but I didn't feel compelled, plus I was too busy at the time being a new mother!  It took me sewing an old 70's style crayon apron and wanting to tell everyone about it for me to finally find my home in the blogosphere.
3.  What are some of your favorite things you have created?
I think my favorite thing so far has been the Easter dress I made for my oldest daughter, Grace.  It was a very adventurous undertaking.  I had only sewed one thing prior to making the dress!  I designed the pattern myself and just went for it.  It is so cute and the fabric is fun.  I also am in love with the tea toppers I came up with.  They are the perfect gift for tea lovers and just brighten up my day when I use them.  
4.  What is the best advice someone has given you towards your creative endeavors?
I was once told by an art teacher to always carry a sketch pad with me wherever I go.  This has been great for me as I love making lists, sketching out ideas and patterns and pretty much anything else.  I use a moleskine sketchbook/journal with blank pages.  I take it wherever I go and write or draw something every day.  I also love to go back to my old journals and revisit project ideas that I may not have had the chance to do yet.
5.  What are some projects you have up your sleeve or that you dream about doing?
Well, aside from the ever growing laundry list of projects, there is my daughter's bedding for her toddler bed that I've designed.  I'm going to make a duvet, fitted sheet, bed skirt and pillows.  I also have this diaper bag plan that I have been playing around with for about three weeks now.  The plans and drawings have taken up about half of my current journal!  However, I can say that what I dream about doing most is putting my personal artwork on clothing.  I've been looking into screen printing by hand and everything that goes along with it.  I'm kind of addicted to the idea.
I can't wait to see her latest project.  This bedding it tooo CUTE!

Did you know that Shanna is featuring me today on her blog?  Stop by and say hi!   

Hope you enjoy the Feature Swap!  Visit Momma C Designs for some awesome sewing inspiration!



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