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The Three Sweet Peas

November 22, 2011

{TaCo TuesDay} Fool Proof Hard Boiled Eggs

This post seems kind of like a no brainer, yet I have never heard of another person, hard boiling eggs with this fool proof method.  It creates a perfect hard boiled egg that is easy to peel, doesn't seem to smell, and hardly has any of the discoloration that you get from a normal hard boiled egg.  
Here is the 911 on the perfect hard boiled egg!
 Fill pan with water, add eggs, cover the pan, & bring to a boil.   

 Shut off the heat when the eggs begin to boil.  Leave the pan on the burner and set timer for ten minutes. Do not remove the lid during this process.
 When timer goes off remove pan and fill with cool water.  Peel, EAT, & Enjoy!

Do you have any fool proof methods?  How about sharing?



Lillian H said...

Egg er godt!!--Ha en fortsatt fin dag--Hilsen fra Norge

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