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The Three Sweet Peas

November 9, 2011

{Wandering Wednesdays} Old Shutters

Twice a year, the city where I live, provides a bulk waste clean up program.  People take old junk, throw it on the side of the road, and wait for a large dump truck and tractor to come clean it up.  Well, let me tell you, I have found the most AWESOME "JUNK" on the side of the road.  This pair of shutters is a perfect example.  I SCORED, four large window shutters, that had been aged over the years, and the owner was ready to toss them aside.  I brought them home, chopped them  in half and now they reside in my bedroom.  NO painting, no aging, all natural beauty here.  Wondering where my other three sets are hanging?  Probably in the junk somewhere.  My extra clean, OCD, husband, snuck them in the trash while I wasn't looking.  I still love him but we have both decided NOT to talk about it!  :)  You should see the OLD trunk he is trying to throw away.  It is just SINFUL!  


  Here is some shutter love that I found out there in Bloggie Land!  They really are a useful, fun, accessory.  If only I had a couple more sets!  Enjoy!  



Anita @ GoingALittleCoastal said...

Shutters can be used in so many ways. I would have dragged them out of the trash as well! Thanks so much for mentioning my hall tree. I love how it fits my skinny little hallway. :)

Waseem said...

How amazing you used it in so many ways.....The flower décor is so beautiful with shutter.

window shutters clayton, ca

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