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The Three Sweet Peas

December 13, 2011

{TaCo TuesDay} No Mess Bacon

Bacon is, WELL, Delicious.  ...And let's face it, it is something we shouldn't be eating everyday, UNLESS, you need to gain weight.  Which happens to be the case of my oldest son.  We get to PUMP him full of the most fattening food available to man EVERY single day.  So, I have lots of different methods of cooking fattening, grease splattering, foods that typically make a HUGE mess!  
So, here it is the BESTEST Bacon cooking tip in the whole wide world.  No, it isn't original but it is worthy of sharing again.  
 Line a pan with tin foil and fill with bacon.  Place in your oven on LO broil.  Each oven cooks differently and crispiness depends on personal preference, so your cooking time will be different for each situation. We like crispy bacon around this house!
Pull when done!  That is it!  No grease splatter, no turning, perfectly lined up bacon every single time.  ...And it is fast.  Wad up tin foil and throw away.  No more dumping grease and scrubbing the pan.  Clean up is a SNAP!  What an AWESOME way to cook bacon.  


Ruby Jean said...

Thank you so much for stopping by and linking up.. Hey did you ever see the DIY Headband Hair tutorial I did...?? You know I have seen this bacon trick before but figured it would make a HUGE mess in my oven... Not that it doesn't already make a HUGE mess all over my counter... :) Will have to be sure to give this a try... Hope you have a wonderful week!!

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