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The Three Sweet Peas

February 7, 2012

Darling Lined Basket for under $5.00

Dear Sweet Peas,  

Here is my guest post from TATERTOTS & Jello in case you missed it!!!  A LINED basket including the basket for under $5.00!  LEARN HOW!

Good Beautiful Day Tatertots and Jello Fans!  I am glad to be back after a long winters nap, I had all of December off, no guest post, so   I am thrilled to be sharing this DARLING TUTORIAL with each of you.
  This should help with those organization projects that are BUZZING everywhere all over the internet.  ..AND talk about inexpensive, the total cost of the project was under $5.00. 

You will need:
  • wire basket; from Sam's Club under $4.00
  • fabric; I didn't keep track but used, maybe, a 1/4 of a yard, I bought two yards total, but ended up using a fraction of the fabric
  • cardboard piece; same size as the bottom.

Let's get this party started! You will measure the height, the length of both the long sides, the short sides, and the bottom, and give yourself a 1/2" inch seam allowance on each side.

These are the exact measurements that I used for the Sam's Club Basket, if you choose to purchase the same one, I would DEFINITELY double check the basket dimensions just to make sure they are the same sizes.  
  • 18" Length x 10" Height long sides x 2 {one for each side} - This will allow for a 1/2" inseam.   
  • 11" Length x 10" Height short sides x 2 {one for each side} - This will allow for a 1/2" inseam.
  • 18" Length x 11" Width for the bottom - This will allow for 1/2 inch inseam.
Always double check your measurements, remember measure twice cut once. 

The seams will be on the inside of this basket.  
You will pin a short end to a long end, right sides together.  You will notice there will be fabric overhang.  Match up each edge and then pin in two little tucks to create a small pleat.  

 Sew the edges together with a 1/2" seam allowance.   
 You will repeat this same process four times, alternating short, long, short, long, the last step will be bringing the entire long strip of  fabric together.   

After the strips are sewn together you can now add the bottom of the basket.  Match up the four corners with the seams on the short, long, short, long ends.  

The liner is almost finished, just put a hem across the top that will be visible when you fold it over the metal part of the basket.  The sewed a 1" hem doubled so you cannot see the raw edge. 
 You are almost DONE, the last part is the ribbon or fabric strips (I used).  I took eight 11" x 2" pieces and sewed two onto each corner.  This will allow you to tie the basket liner to the basket.  I left the edges raw no hemming.  

From each corner I measured six inches down from the top and two inches out from the corner inseam.  I turned the fabric under and ran a simple 1/2" seam on each side, one on each corner and you are FINISHED!

CONGRATULATIONS, your adorable basket liner is ready to be placed and you spent under $5.00 including the basket!!   

Put the basket liner in the basket and fold over the top wires, bring the ribbon around the outside of each wire and tie in a bow.  

One last step because the basket isn't a solid wire I placed a cardboard piece in the bottom of the basket liner.    

As always, any questions please email me at 

Love, Stacie


Ruby Jean said...

Just as ADORABLE as the first time I saw them.. :)

Barb said...

I agree, it is just absolutely adorable!!

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