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The Three Sweet Peas

January 18, 2012

Paint Can Tip

Wandering Wednesday's Painting Tip
So, for the past two days I have been painting like crazy, all in the name of trying to get my pantry organized.  The best part of it all, is that I haven't even started on my pantry.  WOW, I have some work ahead of me!  I will have a fun redo project, clean and crisp, SWEET!  ...But for now, I have a SUPER DUPER EASY Painting tip that will solve A LOT of your messy paint can issues.    

This is what you need:
Take the screwdriver and place it on the inside lip of the paint can, hit it will the hammer until it breaks through into the paint.  Be careful you don't hit to hard because the screwdriver will be covered in paint.  Repeat, all of the way around.  You will notice in my last picture it creates small holes for the paint to run back into the can, as you are painting and pouring. My sweet sis in law showed me this little trick many, many, years ago.  It has made my painting can cleanup so much simpler!
As always any questions please let me know!!

Love, Stacie


Ruby Jean said...

Oh I LOVE it... I always just use the Paint can openers... But I am ALWAYS left with a MESSY Paint can.... I will be sure to try this next time.. :) Can't wait to see your Finished Project!!

Jerri Lu said...

I really needed this painting tip! I hate it when the paint gets in the creases of the can. Thanks!

Laurel @ Ducks in a Row said...

I've got some painting in my future! Thanks for the tip!

Gail said...

What a great tip! I hate the mess around the top of the paint cans. Thanks!

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