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The Three Sweet Peas

January 24, 2012

Pantry Before - Sneak Peak

Taco Tuesday isn't anything about a recipe today, WELL, maybe a recipe for disaster!  But, I figure I can count a Pantry SNEAK peak because it is in the kitchen right?!  :)  I have been painting like a mad women and BOY, do I have a mess to clean up but OH, it is going to be so sweet.  So, in the HOPE that I can make you feel really good about your house and day let me show you some before pictures.  Then my after pictures should be that much more stunning RIGHT?!

I am not going to bore you with any details in the how, but I am going to share this little tip:

  1. If you think that you would like to do a pantry makeover, do not let it go for three months before hand or it will look like this.  I just kept telling myself, "Why clean it because I am going to make it look, GREAT."  This is why you keep up on your PANTRY.  So it doesn't look like this before the REDO!
That is it, that is the only advise I have!  Have a great day knowing your pantry doesn't look anything like this!  

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Love, Stacie


Ruby Jean said...

LOL!!! We had a Pantry Almost Exactly like that in our old house... And no matter how hard I tried to keep it clean and organized it always ended up being a Disaster... Can't wait to see the New Look!!

Allyson McGuire said...

I can't wait to see what you end up with!


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