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The Three Sweet Peas

January 3, 2012

Video Tutorial on Lacing Ribbon through girls hair

Happy New Year!  
And.. to celebrate the New Year I am trying for the very first time to post a Messy Hair Monday video.  Messy Hair Monday is a day late but who is counting?!  :)  Just warning you it is extremely amateur but I have to learn somehow, right?  We had our amazing family visiting and my sis in law kept lacing my niece's hair with different ribbons.  I had to video it!   
There are a couple of disclaimers:
  • I do not like listening to my voice, YUK!
  • My bed is not made and I didn't notice it until the video was being filmed.
The suspense is killing me!  Without any further delay, here it is, my first Messy Hair Monday Video Tutorial! 

Hope you ENJOY!



Ruby Jean said...

Oh My goodness... I would be afraid my Fingers would get all tangled up... LOL!! This looks like a VERY fun hair project.. :)

Unknown said...

Your video turned out great! Good job! :)

Creative Expressions by Lynn said...

So cute!

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