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The Three Sweet Peas

February 7, 2012

Cleaning Tip for Silk Plants & Accessories

Dear Sweet Peas:
 I love to CLEAN!  Sounds kind of funny right?  Well, I am going to admit some of my deep, dirty, secrets, that my husband and I have been arguing about since we got married.  ..And it is DEEP CLEANING!  See, here is the issue he believes in picking up and my brain thinks that if I am going to be deep cleaning, I might as well just wait to clean everything all at once!  So, if I am planning on cleaning the bathroom in four days, I will let the bathroom go for four days before I touch it.  He is absolutely correct in his argument but my brain just doesn't work the same.  Pick up throughout the day and everyday and you wouldn't have such a mess?!  Case in POINT my PANTRY, I knew that I wanted to redo it but months later I finally had this mess to worry about as well as the painting!
Now, if I just would have picked up daily, my job would have been so much easier.  So, knowing this I am trying to slowly change but deep cleaning is still the BOM!  HOPEFULLY, this little tip of mine, will make your home just a little bit cleaner!    
 I do not own a living plant because I kill them, because of that, I have silk plants thoughout my home and the dust on them drive me crazy, especially, the greasy dust in the kitchen.  You know, that film that covers everything because of the stove??  
 All of my accessories that fit and INCLUDING my silk plants go in the dishwasher.  They come out SOOOO clean and not an ounce of dust or grease on them.  
 NOW, if you have something extremely valuable you might not want to do it because I can't guarantee how they will come out.  I can tell you I have been washing my things in the dishwasher for years and it always works.  I do have a chip here and there from my ceramic items but I usually just glue them back on.  I have even put those cinnamon pine cones in the dishwasher.  Name it as long as it fits it goes in, if it doesn't it is headed into my shower to wash off!  
Oh, yea, and have you ever wondered how to clean those pesky chandelier lamp shades?  How about in the dishwasher?  They always come out EXTREMELY clean.  

  • Just one of my many deep cleaning tips!!  Hope it can make your cleaning a little bit easier!

Love, Stacie


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