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The Three Sweet Peas

February 29, 2012

IKEA Pillow Hack

Good Beautiful Morning Sweet Peas!  

If you missed my post at Tatertots and Jello last week here is a recap.  An easy way to ACHIEVE expensive looking pillows

I am thrilled to be sharing a fabulous little secret that is sure to save you MONEY!  It was by mistake, but, OH those mistakes, are sometimes, OH so GREAT!  

So, last week I went to IKEA in search of one of these:
Ektorp Slipcover 

and  I came upon one of these:

..And I thought WOW for $.99 I can buy NEW pillows for my ENTIRE home, I started with four beautifully rolled $.99 pillows for my Peanut's room!  ...And so it went, I came home and EXCITEDLY opened and unrolled my new pillows to...  WELL, pillows that were JUST as flat as the ones I was trying to replace!  
New IKEA pillow
Peanut's already flat pillow
Oh, the disappointment, my grand idea of buying pillows for my entire house down the tube.  Because, lets face it, a beautiful bed begins with the pillows, and how many of us can go buy an ENTIRE bed full of down filled pillows.  If we did it would cost $$$'s,  UNLESS we take TWO of the $.99 pillows and put them into the same pillow sham.  
..And there you have my IKEA hack, two $.99 pillows that look like a $50.00 down pillow.  The way the pillows are stuffed are very similar to a down feather pillow minus A LOT of the down but by combining two of them you get a VERY custom looking pillow and bed.

I know this little tip can save you A LOT of money! I know where I am going when I clean out the washer!  :)  Stop by and say hi,

Love, Stacie


Unknown said...

That is great!!! Love that idea. Love it so much I might have to do a little impulse buying.


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