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The Three Sweet Peas

February 2, 2012

Personalized Birthday Gift Ideas

I love to help celebrate my friends birthdays, sometimes I am slow at getting them gifts and sometimes I miss there lunches but each of them are special to me!  My husband and I, (I say husband because he loves to shop, but don't tell anyone because I would hate to ruin his reputation!)  like to find fabulous gifts on sale and purchase a larger quantity for the year.  It always seems if you think ahead,  you get a much better gift, than if you are to go out on the day of the celebration.  So, some of my stock piled gifts this year include water bottles for my son's friends and then some great scented candles for the sweet girls in my life.  I love personalizing each gift.  So this is how I went about it:

  • I cut vinyl from my Silhouette Machine, now, I know that not everyone has a Silhouette or Cricuit but you do not need one.  You can still purchase vinyl and use paper punches, stencils, etc... to cut out the vinyl.  
  • There are MANY different stickers that are available as well, rub ons, & even paint.  So let your creativity juices flow.  That is what makes each gift uniquely special!
So for this particular candle I cut out two scalloped circles and my dear friends initial and attached it to the candle.  Before I attached the vinyl I wiped the candle off with alcohol, to ensure the vinyl or sticker would adhere to the glass.  

 The shape of the glass would not allow the circle to lie flat so I made a quick cut into the scalloped edge and overlapped the edges.  VOILA perfect circle.  Repeat with each one.  
 When the vinyl was finished, I wrapped the lid in some cute fabric.  
 I hot glued one edge of the fabric to the lid, pulled it tight, on the opposite side, glued it down and repeated on all sides.  This created a tight, pucker free lid.  

Tie a cute bow around the lid and your personalized gift is finished.  
 ...And here is the Camelbak bottle that I have been giving my son's friends.  You can pretty much personalize everything.  Be creative.  If your house is anything like mine everything will have a sticker or stamp on it!  :) 
 As always dear sweet peas, any questions please let me know! I hope this inspires you to personalize those birthday or holiday gifts!


Love, Stacie


Barb said...

So very clever!

Anonymous said...

I love this!! :) Too bad I don't have a silhouette! I'd be personalizing everything in my might be dangerous! :)

Heather said...

I have a cricut and love it...I need to make gifts like these. Very cute idea.

Unknown said...

What a clever idea! I love personalized gifts! I would love it if you would be willing to share at our party going on now-Monday. Thanks

Unknown said...

Thanks for stoppin' by an sharing with us.

Birthday Gift Ideas said...

What a idea!I need to make gifts like these.

IceHole in Charge said...

This is a great birthday gift idea!!

Hank hendricks said...

How you come up with this..I want to make gift like these.

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