The Three Sweet Peas
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The Three Sweet Peas

February 28, 2012

This recipe was given to me by a dear friend.  Our husbands went on little vacation together and her mother fixed it while they were staying with her parents.  The saddest part of the entire story, is her father came in to eat it and there wasn't anything left!  I hope you enjoy as much as they did!

Kneaders French Toast - this recipe is for 3 loaves or 24 slices - hope you enjoy it!

3 loaves Kneaders Chunky Cinnamon Bread
8 eggs
3 cups milk
1 TBS brown sugar
1 tsp. salt
1 TBS vanilla
4 TBS butter

Make sure you use a large cookie sheet that has an edge.  Line it with parchment paper    (this is key, otherwise it sticks to the pan, caramelies and is impossible to serve)  Karen suggested spraying the paper with oil cause some places still stuck to the paper).

Cut each loaf into 8 even slices just before dipping so it doesn't dry out.

Mix all ingredients except butter.  dip each slice o f bread in the mixture (in and out of the mixture - don't let it soak).

Don't just pour the mixture over the tip - it doesn't come out the same.  If it looks like you might run out of the  mixture, just add an egg or two and a little milk, mix again & keep on dipping.

Lay each piece of bread flat on your cookie sheet.  You can squish 12 pieces on one large cookie sheet.

Dab each piece of bread with butter

REFRIGERATE OVERNIGHT covered with foil.

Bake uncovered  at 350 for 35 minutes or until starting to brown.  In a convection overm bake 20-22 min.

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Love, Stacie


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