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The Three Sweet Peas

April 6, 2012

Fool Proof Egg Recipe

Spring Break is in full swing for my family and we are busy!  Here is a post from a couple of months ago and since 'tis the season for hard boiled eggs, hopefully this will help!  Have a great Easter!  XOXO Stacie
This post seems kind of like a no brainer, yet I have never heard of another person, hard boiling eggs with this fool proof method.  It creates a perfect hard boiled egg that is easy to peel, doesn't seem to smell, and hardly has any of the discoloration that you get from a normal hard boiled egg.  

Here is the 911 on the perfect hard boiled egg!
 Fill pan with water, add eggs, cover the pan, & bring to a boil.   

 Shut off the heat when the eggs begin to boil.  Leave the pan on the burner and set timer for twelve minutes. Do not remove the lid during this process.
 When timer goes off remove pan and fill with cool water.  Peel, EAT, & Enjoy!

Do you have any fool proof methods?  How about sharing?

Love, Stacie


Barb said...

No more guessing, that is great! Thanks!!!

thegoose said...

I'd add that to avoid having them overcook and getting an ugly dark line around the yolk you should cool them immediately in ice water (if you won't be eating them hot).

When I am making lots of hb eggs and want them to peel easily, I steam them for 12 or so minutes and then cool. Steaming them makes them incredibly easy to peel.

Anonymous said...

Same way I do my eggs! My grandmother taught me this. But also ... she taught me two extra tips for making them easy to peel. 1) if you add about 1/4 cup salt to the water while you're bringing it to a boil. And then 2) After you have drained them, and filled the pot back up with water, add about a cup or two of ICE into the cooling water. Somehow the salt at the beginning, and the Ice at the end, make it so that we can always peel the eggs more easily.

The Three Sweet Peas said...

Thanks so much ladies for the AWESOME suggestions. My mom has been preparing eggs like this for years but never the additional steps! I really appreciate the feedback and the continued approach for the PERFECT hard boiled egg! I will be adding these steps for SURE!


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