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The Three Sweet Peas

April 9, 2012

Messy Hair Monday-Tips for beautiful beach wavy hair after the braid

Sweet Pea tips for beautiful beach wavy hair!  
I do A LOT of braids, twists, & knots. ..And you know sometimes my peanut just likes to have a good old pony tail, with a crown! :)  So, I have come to use the day after braids to my advantage to create beautiful wavy locks.  
Here are a couple of tips to make your little princess's hair wavy, beautiful, & crown ready.  

  • Leave the braid in overnight.  My Peanut is used to having her hairstyles left in overnight.  
  • Carefully remove the hair elastic and slowly ubraid, unknot, etc the hair.  If you pull to quickly it can leave knots.
  • When the braid is removed, do not brush, but carefully finger comb the waves.  
  • If the hair seems to lay or fly away in odd places, carefully mist with a small amount of water and finger comb.  The water is an amazing tool, and as long as you don't use to much it will actually lay the hair perfectly.
When I pull the peanut's hair back I do a loose pony so the waves can be seen.  

Give it a shot!  Your princess will love her crown worthy hair! 

Love, Stacie


Allyson McGuire said...

This is so cute! I have got to figure out how to work on my own hair...


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