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The Three Sweet Peas

October 27, 2012

Knowledge is POWER

Wow!  It has been a long time!  I was going to be posting right when the kiddies went back to school and here we are in October.  The END of October I should say.  I have been painting, planning, decorating, and creating tons of printables and then I NEVER post anything.  Completely out of the habit.  I hope that I can get back in the groove.

YW has been extra busy.  We planned a ten hour Knowledge project for our entire group and I am finishing it up with a Knowledge lesson.  We spent about eight weeks training for a 5K run, learned about fueling our bodies, food labels, healthy recipes, & what is in the Word of Wisdom.  It has been a blast.  I am finishing up with a lesson on Knowledge tomorrow and by the end of the year the ENTIRE Knowledge section should be passed off.

I created a bookmark that has every scripture in for Knowledge Value Experience #1.  I am going to have the girls write a journal page tomorrow in class and have five of our girls give a short talk that will cover  Additional Knowledge Value Experience #4.  We are finishing every thing up.  It has been a blast and if you need any additional details please let me know!  Thanks for your continuous support through my dry spell and fingers crossed I won't go this long again!

Here is the poster I created for the Ten hour project kick off!
Knowledge is Power Bookmark Love, Stacie
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