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March 12, 2012

Counter Stool Redo -- Before and After

OK, I have a confession to make.  I have this little addiction to shopping for furniture that I can refinish or change.  I keep purchasing, and am loving it, but my garage and husband are NOT! I found these black beauties and I KNEW exactly what I wanted to do with them!  These counter stools turned out STUNNING!  I LOVE THEM! I hope you enjoy this SWEET little tutorial so you can create your own SWEET pair of counter stools!!  I feel like Napoleon Dynamite!  :)
The Original Bar Stool.  Nice Enough, but wait for the finished product.  Sand lightly. 

 Paint with color of choice.  I chose turquoise. I painted two heavy coats of the paint. 
 I used an electric sander to distress with a VERY FINE sand paper.  I used a new paper for each stool.   

The next part is the unique finish of the stools!  I LOVE IT!  First and foremost the pictures do not do justice, just know that these are rock star counter stools!
I used my tissue paper mod podge technique here!  I took it to a whole new level!  FURNITURE!  OH YEA!  OH, the POSSIBILITIES!  
I printed off the graphic I was using and found the center of the paper and center of the stool.  
Add mod podge and spread to the area that will contain the tissue paper.  

 Set tissue paper on top of the mod podge. You will have wrinkles and bumps.  Smooth down and know you will get some rips but that is part of the imperfection.  
Wipe off any excess mod podge.

You will let the glue set until almost dry.  
  You will start sanding the paper and the lines of the paper will start to become part of the wood.  SOOO COOL!   

 Sand as heavily or as light as you wish.  I did a pretty heavy sanding job on mine.  I wanted it to appear like screen printing and aged, all in one.   
  After you achieve the results you like.  I finished the bar stools off with two coats of polyurethane.   

 And the finished line up!   

Love, Stacie

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February 23, 2012

How to Board and Batten Technique Tip

Oh, Board and Batten how I love thee!  I first fell in love with  you several years ago but you finally made your first appearance in my master bedroom about a year ago.  ...And ever since then, my LOVE affair has grown!  I want you in EVERY room of the house!  

So, the next area that WE finally moved on to was the small wall between my pantry and the laundry room.  Easy enough TWO boards or was it??

I am here to share with you a SUPER DUPER easy board and batten tip.  I am not going to go into details of how to cut, measure, etc, because there are plenty of amazing tutorials out there in bloggy land but this little tip will save you some time!  
  Instead of using Liquid Nails or nailing the boards to the wall you use HOT GLUE.  Yes, you heard me correctly we use hot glue to stick the boards directly to the wall.  

Instead of having to putty nail holes or waiting for the liquid nails to dry this technique, is fast and easy.  There are a couple of items that are a MUST if using this technique.  

  1. You must have two people, one to hold the level on the wall and one to put the hot glue on the back of the board and stick it on the wall before it dries.  
  2. Hubby and I would measure the distance between boards, I would hold the level exactly where I wanted the board.  Hubby would run the strip of hot glue down the back of the board and then butt the board up next to the level.  
  3. Make sure the board is lined up on the bottom and stick to wall. (we had several oops on this small wall, hard to believe that our entire bedroom wall was done faster than the two boards because of some simple mistakes that were made.)
Take two, removing hot glue that had dried because of some simple mistakes.  
  1. You must work FAST.  The hot glue dries quickly so have your level ready while the other person lines the board up at the bottom and sides.  PRESS HARD against the wall.  
  2. You must use a LARGE glue gun.  We tried using our craft gun.  No can do, the glue is dry almost immediately.  
  3. Use long glue sticks.
  4. If you have to peel the board off the wall because it didn't get put down quick enough.  Pull off with caution, it will rip your sheet rock.  
  5. After you place one or two boards you get in a groove and it will save you a TON of time.  
Good Luck!  If you have any questions about this particular technique please email.    ...And a SNEAK peak into one of many walls currently getting this treatment!
MUCH better than the BEFORE!  Don't you agree?!  
JOIN me tomorrow for a FUN Giveaway!  See you SOON!

Love, Stacie

February 5, 2012

Transitional Valentine to Spring Mantel

Dear Sweet Peas,
It is a beautiful Sunday isn't it?  It is that time again to decorate the mantel and change out the winter decorations.  A very welcome tradition in my home.  I look so forward to every season or holiday change so I can refresh everything!  One of my very first posts was about the center piece of every mantel, my great grandmother's clock.  If you haven't read it please do so here.
 I try to make my mantel as transitional as possible, meaning right after Valentine's day is Easter.  Instead of a complete mantel overhaul, I remove the red flowers and add a array of Easter colored flowers with eggs, etc..
Join me as I transition my mantel into a happy, wish it were spring, Valentine mantel.  


Love, Stacie
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